Monday, June 14, 2010

"tuckered out"

it's a celebration BITCHES!!!

@little toyko for the roomies birthday

@Dez's graduation, dinner, and drunkeness

@Sanchiko & Sankavi's 8AM graduation

@DBA w/Mavyn
@DBA w/Carsonheads &909alums

@Laserna's Brother's Going Away

Fun filled, exhausting weekend. but very happy to spend it w/ the homies.
even had time to read, do 40 pages of hw, shop, & get donutman.

How'd you spend your weekend??


  1. I love how you're still wearing the same thing from Friday to Saturday.
    Such a kickass weekend!!!

  2. LOL! fool i don't even know how i got to that graduation after friday night. and ps... it's not exactly the same, I ADDED A SCARF!