Thursday, September 2, 2010

goodbye summer

i was holding on to that last bit of summer before the crazy set in..
here's my very relaxing, fun, happy hurrah!

the carlsbad inn.
(yes i took this picture, and yes it was with my awesome iphone4)

pets allowed.
we be grubbin'

saj and his beer
the infamous port brewery
nothing but good times with good company
fairy tales w/ a cup of coffee and some cake.

beach day. we ran, skipped, and jumped!
ran after birds, skipped rocks and jumped w/ joy:)

a walk on the beach, lifes cheapest pedicure.

how many joanna's and kris's can you find!?
did a little outlet shopping before hitting up downtown sd. gaslamp district.

@ the neighborhood. apt 260 forever.
kyle ftw.
missing kodama :(

by far, my favorite trip of the summer :)

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