Tuesday, June 21, 2011

save me a seat in heaven.

i cried for you today. i cried thinking about the future you could of had and everything you missed out on. and i know you would be telling me, "God had bigger plans for you, and you're right where your supposed to be," because your faith was strong enough for the both of us, but i just hate to say goodbye to someone so full of life. i always thought we'd have more time.

i just hope i can live my life as gracefully as you did. strong, optomistic, determined, classy, beautiful, loyal, faithful and the list goes on and on. you always made the rest of us look bad, haha but i'm gunna make you proud of me. thank you for teaching me to appreciate this life, my family, my friends, and my opportunities. you pushed me in all the best ways and you better continue to keep me in check. you just got promoted from friend to guardian angel.

my mom misses you, she always thought of you as another daughter. and i know you're missing her home-cooked meals right now. haha! do me a favor and say hi to my lolo for me, his stories will keep you entertained when you're not to busy hanging out with Jesus, singing with Aaliyah, partying with Shakespeare, and trying on your new pair of wings (do they come in pink?).

do big things in heaven baby girl, you're finally home.