Thursday, August 18, 2011

here we go....

Twas the night before law school and all through the house
I was diligently working on the keyboard and mouse.
Orientation was over and there were assignments galore,
This was just a tip of the iceberg to prepare us for more.

My mother called on my cell and told me to “get to bed dear, it’s late”,
I told her, silly mother, it is only 10pm, just you wait!
My eyes are bloodshot, the contacts are dry,
But you gotta perform more than just enough to get by.

Bring on the books, coffee, paper cuts and tears,
This is what I have been preparing for all of these years.
Bring on the lesson plans, the office hours, I am ready.
This semester is already off to a great start, nice and steady.

Sheer panic from other students makes me giddy with joy,
Something like 60% of us are already on adderrall, you are all falling for the ploy.
Can a contract be oral, what is a legal wrong-doing?
Let’s just get school and the bar behind us so I can start suing.

I am here to study, to succeed and make my dream come true,
And already need a t-shirt that reads “No, I’m Not Here to Date You”.
These three years will fly by, so take it all in.
You can actually enjoy law school, it isn’t a sin.
Throw away those other letters that said you were “rejected”,
And always remember…
To whom much is given, much is expected.


  1. i love words that rhyme. Who made this? did you?? shouldn't you be crafting other nonsensical words? haha

  2. hahah it is cute huh!? AND NO, i didn't write this, another 1L student in my class did. miss you baby!!