Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the lush imagination

There once was a man named Vince. Vince was a tachi (fast) runner until one day when he hurt his leg osteo (bone). After his doctor’s check-up, he slipped on hydro (water) on the street and broke his oligo (small) brachio (arm). When he went back to the doctor’s office, something caught his oculo (eye) in the waiting room. His cardio (heart) skipped a beat and his stomato (mouth) dropped at the sight of his future wife. Two years later Vince and Joanna get married and travel the world syn (together). They spent most of their honeymoon phaging (eating). When they came back to America, they found out that Vince’s tan was actually a lipoma (fatty tumor) on his dermato (skin) while Joanna unfortunately had a megaly (enlargement) in her encephato (brain). Even though they were both fatally ill, it was Joanna’s dream to have a child. Nine months later her lapar (abdomen) and both masts (breast) were swollen but she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Vince forgot his glasses at the hospital, and because of his hyperopia (far sightedness) he swerved offroad, crashed into a tree and killed everyone except for their newborn, luckily named Lucky.


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