Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So, for those who've asked me, "How was your trip?", my answers have been short and sweet. Borderline undescribable, exciting & breath-taking. but then again, "A pictures worth a thousand words"...

Here's a few edited favorites to entice you:

The Famous Eiffel Tower, a must see in Paris.
In this small, bustling city, it's quite hard to miss.
Take the elevator up and enjoy the veiw with a cafe chocolat on me ;)

The Louvre Musuem, holding the famous paintings & sculptures such as the
Mona Lisa, Venus De Milo, Winged Victory, and the Ramsees..
I could literally spend DAYS lost in this historical maze.
When strolling down the Thames River, the view leaves much to the imagination,
so be sure to find your way inside.

Napolean's Apartments in the Louvre Museum.
It may not be as ostentatious as the Palace of Versailles,
but it sure can amaze.

Another shot of one of the many rooms in Napolean's Apartments.
Sadly, the intricate details are lost in translation with my simple camera.
A definite Must-See.

The Arc de Triomphe, sitting at the end of the Champs Elysees,
is not only a centerpiece for intellectual conversation starters
but a memorial for lost soldiers of France, lighting flames in rememberance.

The Westminster Abbey, popularly known for the Royal Wedding that took place April29,
it also holds the tombs of Kings, Queens, and famous Poets such as Chaucer, Kipling and my personal favorite, T.S. Elliot. Pictures inside the Westminster Abbey are not allowed, so make sure to keep your flash off ;)

The Buckingham Palace. This is a great shot of the Balcony where HRH Prince William & Kate kissed TWICE on their wedding day. When you visit, be sure to see the changing of the guards, a ceremony that will certainally attract a crowd.

My favorite Museum in London,
partially because admission is FREE- something that should be appreciated
in ever-so expensive London. The architecture at the entrance alone is captivating.

Sitting opposite to the Westminster Abbey, this view encapsulates the heart of London.
Here you see (from left to right) the Aquarium, the London Eye, Big Ben & Houses of Parliament. Behind these structures lie the London & Tower Bridge, going across the Thames River, definitely a ride to remember.

P.S. Yes, I took these pictures myself with my dinky old camera,
and YES, I am that awesome.

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